Common Electricity Problems That May Occur Within Your House

Common Electricity Problems That May Occur Within Your House

Every home is bound to suffer from one electrical problem or the other at a certain point of time. And such issues can turn into major dilemmas if not dealt with effectively at the right time. Fortunately, these residential electrical problems are easily identifiable, which means action may be taken to resolve them as quickly as possible by calling an efficient electrician.
Given below are the most common electricity problems that may occur within your house:

Surges & Spikes

These usually occur after a thunderstorm and are caused due to sudden electrical spikes that last only for a brief duration. They are a bit hard to detect and may damage your appliances severely if your house lacks the appropriate protection. To avoid them, all you need to do is have a surge protector installed in your home. 



Circuit Overload

Circuit overload usually takes place in powerboards, and has become quite common in homes nowadays due to everything being run on electricity. However, this issue is easy to prevent if you just take some simple precautions. Make sure to unplug anything that is not being used. Avoid overusing a power board, or do not extend them using double adapters.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are often an indicator of flawed wiring system or faulty bulbs. Many people ignore this problem by regarding it as a trivial matter, but it may turn out to be dangerous later on. So if your lights are flickering, it is imperative that you have them inspected to detect the presence of faulty wires or see if any bulb has got old.

Flawed Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is essentially a small safety switch used for safeguarding home appliances against overloads. If it becomes faulty, it would not be able to provide appropriate protection and may even create fire hazards. Therefore, make sure you get any faulty circuit breaker fixed immediately.

Sparks Or Burning Odour

Sparks and burning odour are conspicuous signs of faulty wiring. They indicate that the wire needs to be checked as soon as possible. If you detect any one or both in your house, switch off the power of your entire house for preventing a possible fire.
Thus, these are some of the most common electrical issues that can occur within your residential premises. The best way to avoid them all is by arranging for an electrical inspection once every 3 or 6 months.
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